Wild Beauty’s Advocacy Website Working to Protect Wild Horses

The creators of the documentary “Wild Beauty: Mustang Spirit of the West” have started a website called IStandWithWildHorses.com. This website aims to raise awareness about the difficult situation of wild horses and end the harsh and life-threatening practice of using aircraft to chase and capture them during roundups paid for by taxpayers.

As shown in a documentary, the U.S. government uses helicopters to frighten wild horses, separate them from their families, and capture them. This practice has been going on for decades, as the Bureau of Land Management aims to decrease the number of wild horses due to pressure from corporations and special-interest groups.

Private helicopter companies are hired to chase the federally protected horses over long distances, causing the animals extreme distress, injuries, and fatalities. Wild horses could be lost forever from our history if action is not taken soon.

The “I Stand With Wild Horses” website enables supporters of wild horses to push for legislation by providing links on the homepage that allows users to directly contact their elected representatives. Avis states that she considers the harrowing experience of these highly intelligent flight animals as barbaric. She hopes that the bill will pass and that they will support the efforts of the representatives fighting for this cause.

The website is asking people to sign a pledge to show that they support the protection of wild horses and want to see laws improved for their humane management.

Visitors are welcome to explore the updated istandwithwildhorses.com website, which regularly features ways to show support for wild horses. The website also provides links for sharing photos and letters with the “I Stand With Wild Horses” message and hashtag #IStandWithWildHorses on social media.