Why You Should Start a Pet Blog if You Love Animals

The internet is an amazing place with all kinds of opportunities waiting on those with the will to seize them. Whatever your interests may be, you can find people that share them, and if you wish to make money by doing something related to your interests, you usually can, due to the fact that it is much easier to reach out to a specific audience.

Blogging is, in a lot of cases, that crossing step which will help you find the opportunities you seek. If you are a person who loves animals and wishes to turn their passion into something more concrete, than blogging is a perfect opportunity for you and here are some reasons why.


Low entry, high rewards

Blogging is a skill almost anyone can pick up on. If you have spent some time reading articles on the web, you basically know the style. It takes some practice, that much is true, but as far as writing goes, it is not that big of a deal. These are the things you need to keep in mind to make your writing decent:

  • Good grammar is essential (even if you choose to go for that meme inspired style)
  • A good title is crucial for success
  • Be aware of your target audience when writing
  • Ensure that your formatting is good
  • Break your text into paragraphs for better readability
  • Research is essential even for comedic articles

Furthermore, your writing will always be supported by photographs and videos.  When we talk about this particular niche, the quality of those photos and videos do not need to surpass that of a regular iPhone. Animals are cute no matter what and people like the authenticity of regular, amateur videos people make of their pets.

So when it comes to the skill-set required, you will not have to spend too much time on these things.

Experience and Connections

Setting up your blog is the tricky part. Most of the time, people go for free options which isn’t good for you if you want to monetize and expand your reach. Most bloggers opt for a WordPress based solution since it is the simplest to setup, update and learn to use. If you are serious about your blog you will need to think about SEO as well, but most bloggers decide to let a professional handle that. You can always find the best option by checking out the comparison of SEO companies.

All of this experience comes in handy for any future website ownership situations and it also opens doors to all kinds of digital marketing techniques. Bloggers who do their job right also get a lot of networking opportunities. Sure, not every connection you make will be pure gold and a lot of it is spam (beware of this), but some will stick and develop into new opportunities. As a blogger, you are doing a type of personal branding simply by being active and engaging with the community.


Of course, there are ways to monetize a successful blog and earn a pretty decent monthly sum without too much work. If you manage to get high traffic, you can always rely on ads to boost your monthly income. There is also guest posting/guest linking, banners, reviews, etc. It will take time to get to this level but, with work and persistence, it can be managed. When you think that it’s time to move on, you can even sell your domain and if you managed to stack up its stats, you can get quite a hefty sum for it.

Still, keep in mind that managing a blog isn’t as easy as starting one. If you really want this endeavour to work out for you, it’s not enough to scribble a few lines a week about how your cat is cute and share a couple of Instagram photos. You need to dig deep and find that edge which will make you unique and interesting. Find your unique approach and good things will happen to your blog. We hope you liked this article and may your pets never vandalize your sofa – yeah, like that will happen. Cheers!