Why choose wireless dog fence?

Wireless dog fence suits people who do not like viewing metal or wooden fence in their yard. Another benefit of wireless dog fence is that it does not demand digging your beautiful yard. The third benefit and the most important benefit is that they are portable, reliable and easily installable.


Thus it is the right choice for anyone who wishes to set an invisible as well as clear boundary for their dog. The wireless dog fence system consists of two main parts. These are:

  • Receiver
  • Transmitter

How the system consisting of receiver & transmitter works?

Wireless technology is used in the best wireless dog fence system. The transmitter has to be plugged into one electrical outlet. The receiver is present in the wireless dog collar. Radio frequencies are emitted by the transmitter up to certain radius around it. If the dog goes out of that radius then it receives an electrical shock. The shock does not cause pain but feels like a cold water splash on the face.

Is it possible to adjust the boundary space?

Yes, of course! It is easy to set the boundary space. You can set the perimeter according to your wish! If the dog crosses the specified distance then it receives a shock.

Benefits of the wireless dog fence system

  • The fencing system that fit dogs of large, medium & small size are available in the market. Thus it can be used for any dog.
  • Most of the fences offered are water proof and this ensures that the system does not get hampered by water or rain.
  • The same system can be used anywhere. It is portable and can be taken along with you while travelling.
  • Systems having lifetime warranty are also available in the market.