When Cats Play Muse For Kids

Cats have been a part of our lives for eons. Those furry little creatures that seem to deign us with their presence and demand attention have been a constant source of pleasure and joy. There are more than 500 million domesticated cats in the world and nearly half the number of cat lovers. Holding a warm purring kitty in your lap, before a roaring fire or a verandah is a veritable pleasure. Watching a cat with a ball of wool managing to tangle itself and rip the thread to shreds at the same time, can be a source of entertainment for hours.

cats-playWhen cats play muse

World’s most common pets are dogs and cats and it is always a matter of contention between the two as to who is superior. It is a popular subject, considering the number of movies and books that have been written and made based on this. Many children’s books use cats and dogs as the main character and most of the popular human protagonists also have a canine or feline sidekick.

Children seem to find them exceptionally fun to play with and so stories having cats and dogs as heroes are very popular. Bright, colorful illustrations add to the charm and picture books keep the toddlers quite happily engaged.

Stories and tales of cats

Every culture seems to have its own tales of cats designed to titillate the minds of the children. Puss D’ Boots is a popular character and Aesop’s Fables and Jataka Tales also have some of the finest classic examples available. New authors like Tamara Forge (of Tojo and Nelly’s Cat Tales fame) are bringing back the trend of fables through their range of children’s books which not only enthrall the children but also their parents can’t seem to resist them.


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