What to Feed Baby Chicks – An Introductory Guide

As we become more aware of the food going into our bodies and try to stay in good health, we might want to take control of where the food we eat comes from.

One way to do this is by raising chickens and collecting our own eggs. There is not much better than a super fresh egg in the morning straight from your own hen house, but how do you get started? And what to feed baby chicks when they hatch?

These questions and more are answered below.

baby chick

What to Feed Baby Chicks

When it comes to feeding baby chicks, they have some special requirements that need to be met to help them grow into adulthood.

In general, chicks take about 8 weeks to reach adulthood and during this time, they need special attention to ensure they are getting everything their growing body needs.

Constant Access to Water

Both chicks and chickens will consume approximately twice as much water as feed so it is essential to have fresh clean water readily available. So make sure to keep the taps flowing.

Organic Chicken Feed

Feed for baby chicks tends to be slightly different than adult chicken feed. This is because good baby chick feed contains all of the nutrients and vitamins they need early in life.

Shop around and find the types of chicken feed that suit your chick’s age and needs.

Other Snacks and Treats

There are also plenty of other things you can introduce into a baby chick’s diet that you may want to add. Lettuce, oatmeal, and ripe or brown bananas have a lot of nutrients that are great for baby chicks. Other favorite treats for your chicks can be worms and crickets which will both entertain and energize your chicks as well as providing a great source of protein.

What Not to Feed Baby Chicks

Just as important as understanding what do baby chicks eat is understanding what foods to steer clear of.

Avoid giving your chicks any of the following:

  • Chocolate
  • Onions
  • Rhubarb
  • Pickles
  • Peanuts
  • Moldy Bread
  • Avocados
  • Eggplant

All of these foods can contain harmful toxins that will make your chicks sick or even die. Avoid putting any of these foods in with their feed or by themselves.

How to Care for Baby Chicks

Caring for your own chicks can be immensely rewarding both as you watch them grow and as you enjoy the fresh eggs they produce. But it does take time and effort.

Ensure that you have a warm dry place for them to stay and do your research to make sure you give them the best environment possible.

Get an Egg-cellent Start

Now that you know what to feed baby chicks, you can get started on your own. Build your chicken coop, buy some fertilized eggs, and get started.

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