What Do Dolphins Eat?

Dolphins are adorable, and the most brilliant and playful animal on the Earth. They are very social animals therefore they love the human company. There are different types of dolphin species that also includes killer whales. Some of them prefers to stay in the group hence each one has distinct characteristics. Each group behaves differently – the female dolphins are called cow and males are called bulls.


Dolphin (Photo credit: Rickydavid)

The dolphins that are killer whales have a larger body; they grow up to 24 feet and weigh over 5 tons. The small dolphins grow over 3 feet and weigh about ninety pounds. The physique is pretty much same with their long snouts and has about a hundred small teeth with a blow hole on their head that is used for breathing.

Every fish/mammal has different characteristics when it comes to food. The foods that dolphins eat are different from the rest. The smaller dolphins eat fishes such as mackerel, squids, cod or herrings whereas the bigger killer whales eat larger fishes, sea lions, turtles, octopus, seals and other aquatic mammals.

These bigger dolphins practically hunt for their food at times. The amount of food they eat depends on the kind of fish they are eating. Herring and Mackerel has got more fat compared to squid, therefore they have to eat a lot of herrings and mackerels as it is sole most energy source for them. It helps them to remain active and energetic for longer time.

The Black dolphins also known as Chilean dolphin are usually found near the coasts of Chile. It is the only place they are found. For what do dolphins eat, these dolphins eat crustaceans and cephalopods. Like other species, Bottlenose dolphins which are smaller in size hunt their food in a group and takes turns to eat it. The dolphins are blessed with excellent hearing and eye sight which makes them sharp hunters.

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