What Are The Qualities of a Good Pet Sitter?

You are probably looking for pet sitter to take care of your fur-kid regularly or as you go on a vacation. It can be challenging to find the right individual who can do services like dog walking in New York City. Before you begin your search, consider the skills and characteristics that are specifically essential to you. The following are some of the best traits of a good pet sitter.

pet sitter


Particularly if you have work schedule that is likely to change, you need to have a flexible pet sitter who can come to your place on short notice. This will ensure that in case you have a significant appointment or have to stay late at your workplace, you have someone reliable in your place to take care of your pet.


Pet parents know that things do not often go as planned with animals. However, a good pet sitter should always be patient as your pet may behave unexpectedly and stay calm so that the pet will not react to the anxiety.


As you may be handing your spare key s to the pet sitter, you need to find someone you can trust. To know if a caregiver is really trustworthy, check references from employers in the past and run a background check. In case you immediately get a bad feeling after you meet the person, trust your gut all the time.


An excellent pet sitter recognizes your pet’s needs and responds to them. He must realize that your cat or dog no longer wants to play and offer her space. Find a pet sitter who handles your pet with affection and never uses force or physical punishment such as dragging on the leash of your dog during a walk. HireRush shows pet sitters in New York who will stay at your house or take your dog to theirs. You are given the option to filter search results based on price range.

Pet sitters available at HireRush are among the dog walking in New York City. You can read from the site their respective profiles and descriptions. Most pet sitters after being chosen, allows you to send them a reservation inquiry which tells them if you need help and information on your dog along with any question you have. If the sitter agrees to take care and watch your pet, you will be asked to pay a reservation.