Unique Dog and Cat Urns for your Pet’s Cremated Remains

The love of a pet is significant and natural for every pet owner. If your dog or cat recently passed and you have decided to cremate him or her, then you should definitely consider purchasing a biodegradable pet urn product for the cremated remains of your pet.



A biodegradable pet urn is an environmentally friendly way to always feel the presence of your loving pet around you without harming the environment. These types of urns are made from eco-friendly materials such as recycled materials, leaves, handmade paper, tree bark, untreated wood, etc.

There are many types of biodegradable pet urns available – some are the shape of a dog or cat, others are heart shaped, some you bury in the ground while others are used to drop into the ocean or your favorite lake.

A biodegradable urn can be a perfect way to memorialize your pet. There are thousands of products available for this purpose on the internet, in retail stores or at your local pet cemetery or crematorium.

www.thelivingurn.com offers you a unique way to honor your pet. They provide a proprietary biodegradable urn and planting system which is specially designed to grow healthy and vibrant trees with ease.

Fill these unique urns with your pet’s cremated remains and grow a vibrant memory tree of your choice that will be a living memory of your pet for years to come. The best part of using this urn and growing system is that it’s designed by leading arborists and soil scientists so you do not need to worry about the growth of the tree.

No matter if you are looking for a biodegradable dog or cat urn there are thousands of eco-friendly options for you. And, if you want to purchase something unique or something close to your heart then all you would need to do is access the internet and start your search for a perfect product. Using a biodegradable pet urn is a special and unique way to honor your pet and, at the same time, does not harm the environment.

So why use traditional urns when you can buy the perfect ‘green’ biodegradable urn to honor your pet and remember them forever.