Types of Dog Collars to Look At

Dogs are the best companions for most people. In the present day, there are so many facilities and luxuries that are introduced specially for the canine companions. There are shows for Dogs, contests, race, clothing for Dogs, etc. Of all these, the most trendy options are the Dog Collars. There are so many variants in these. The purpose of the Dog Collar is to use it to latch the leash from. This can also be used for tagging GPS, dangles, RFID, etc.


As a pet owner, you will want to take pride and interest in dressing your poodle, make it look pretty, while you take it for a walk. Dog collars are available in different types – there are fancy ones, designer collars, Martingale collars, etc. While the fancy ones come in different materials like velvet, cotton, leather, etc; the designer ones come with crystals, pearls, semi-precious stones, etc.

Martingale Dog Collars

Martingale Dog collar provides a better control and is best suited for greyhounds, which have a bigger neck. The regular collars slip off their neck because of the shape and size of their head. This type of collar usually has multiple loops, one for the head and the other, to slip the leash on.

Choosing a Dog Collar

Time spent on choosing fancy dog collars can be the same amount of time you would spend in selecting your clothes. These days, selecting a dog collar is no longer for only the leash or tag. It also speaks volumes for the Owner’s fashion statement!

Selecting a nice fancy Dog collar is no cumbersome task. There are several dog websites which list out some really nice dog collars and other dog accessories. Go ahead, visit these websites and get your pooch, poodle, pug to look pretty.

Author bio: James is a passionate freelance writer who writes on topics related to pets and supplies. He recommend checking out Vebo Pet as one of the best pet supply store where one can find all the products related to tehir pets at affordable prices.

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