10 Tips When Traveling with Dog

Hardly there are dogs that unlike travel and adventure. As they are naturally equipped with hunting character, they want to see new locations and meet new people.

However, taking the dog with you during traveling can pose many problems. Dog messes are extremely troublesome and there are many people scaring of dogs. Moreover, many public transport services and hotels don’t cater to pets.

Travelling-with-dogRegular pet sitter might be necessary to look after your pet when you are on a journey or might get him recruited in a professionally managed kennel.

Ensure that the kennel is clean and comfortable. Some kennels also let you give pet’s own bed, food and toys during your absence. But kennels accept dogs only if they are immunized and vaccinated properly.

Tips when taking your dog out with you

Anyhow, if you are adamant on taking the dog with you, here are the few tips.

  1. Have a health certificate from your veterinarian for your pet.
  2.  Keep strong and sturdy dog carrier or crates.
  3. Travel in well-ventilated or air-conditioned cars with your dog as it is necessary for them to remain cool.
  4. Protect your dog from sun to prevent fatal heat stroke and also avoid leaving him in a parked car as unattended.
  5. Symptoms like excessive slobbering, fast pulse, quick panting, feverish temperature, red eyes and gums, means your pet need immediate medication.
  6. Get your dog with an identification tag inscribed with his name, your name and contact number.
  7. It is wise to have a dog seat belt harness while riding the car.
  8. Carry your dog’s favorite food and treats with you.
  9. Take dog dishes, toys, towels, brush, leash etc which will keep the pet happy till the journey.
  10. Stop at least 2-3 hours during the journey to let your pet relieve himself and provide him with enough water.

Above all, each country has its own rules about traveling with pets. Comply with them to avoid hassles in the long run.

Also you need to check with the hotel whether they allow your pets while residing there.

Just in case if you are traveling to New Forest with your pet, you can check here for the best dog friendly hotels in the New Forest.

These will help you to prevent all the hassles of finding the best hotel that allows your pets here.