Top 5 Essential Things to Buy for a New Dog

A dog is a man’s best friend, if you are a first-time dog owner; you probably want to give your dog a comfortable and secure life. For this to happen, you will need to ensure you have essential things to welcome your new friend home.

Below is the checklist to keep your dog healthy and happy.


  • A Dog Bed

A dog requires somewhere warm to sleep and relax. Beds offer dogs a sense of security in their homes. One can buy two beds one for outside use and one to be used inside. A good bed should be made of natural materials like synthetic products. The bed material should be free of chemicals especially if the dog has allergies or sensitive skin.

Dog beds come in different shapes, and it is important to monitor your dog’s sleeping pattern to determine the best bed for them. For example, a donut or nest shaped bed is ideal for dogs that love to curl up when sleeping while cushioning or raised beds are good for dogs that love to stretch while sleeping. Also if your dog’s breed is a large one, then you might consider reading an article that recommends the best large dog beds for your dog.

  • Food and Water Bowl

It is unhealthy to feed dogs from the floors or scraps around the home. A dog should have a separated food and water bowl. The most commonly used containers are the stainless steel bowls, these bowls are easy to clean and durable. One can also use plastic bowls which are durable but sometimes dogs end up chewing the plastics bowls, and this could lead to internal harms if the plastic chemicals are ingested. The last type of bowl used is the ceramic bowl, and these bowls should be cleaned daily because they are porous.

  • Dog Collar

A dog collar is necessary, especially when walking the dog. While choosing the best material always put into consideration your dog’s daily activities. For example, if a dog loves swimming a nylon collar is the most suitable. For dogs that are love playing and are always full of energy, one should go for a harness instead of a collar since it is more comfortable. A good dog collar should have an id tag for identification in case a dog gets lost.

  • Grooming Tools

Grooming your dog mostly happens after bathing and entails many activities. To ensure a dog is well groomed one should have brushes and combs. Brushes and combs help detangle a dog’s hair while removing hidden dirt and fleas.

Nail shears- Long dog nails are painful, especially when walking on hard tiles. It is important to trim your dog nails to avoid getting hurt while playing with him or hurting himself when scratching.

  • Dog toys and Treats

Since dogs love playing one should invest in safe toys. Toys help the dog grow physically and mentally and lead an active life. The most common toy is a fetch toy. Instead of your dog fetching sticks, one can buy it a good fetch ball designed for dogs. Fetch toys should be soft to avoid hurting the dogs dental.

Dog treats are essential because they are given to reward the dogs for good behaviour or after training. When giving, dog treats give your dog time to sniff and identify the treat. Dogs can smell treats 20 yards away.