Tips to Help you in Choosing the Right Pet Groomer

Just imagine how you would feel and look if you don’t brush your hair, bathe or trim your nails. For your dog to be happy and healthy, it also needs basic grooming. Simple grooming procedures like brushing can be handled by yourself. Such kind of regular grooming is helpful in building a strong bond between you and your dog as well as informing you on the condition of its skin, fur, teeth, ears and nails.

pet grooming

Indeed, it is common to find issues like infections and lumps during a grooming routine. Pet grooming is likely to include combing, bathing, clipping nails, shaving or cutting mats, brushing, controlling external parasites as well as cleaning ears.

Decide if you Want to Hire a Professional Pet Groomer

Your decision to bring your pet to a professional groomer depends upon your comfort level and the kind of pet you have. For instance, a lot of people feel comfortable as they groom their short-haired cats. But those who own long-haired dogs prone to mats prefer to hire a professional groomer. Perhaps you don’t have the experience, tools, time and physical ability to groom your pet adequately. For instance, pets like poodles have fur that must be groomed into certain styles which require the work of a professional. Or a dog is likely to require seasonal or regular medicated or flea baths, clipping, matted fur, or harmful substance or skunk odors removal.

Look for Groomer

Begin with a recommendation from veterinarian, friend, dog trainer, boarding kennel, animal shelter or pet supply store. Use the internet to find a pet groomer like Petsmart Grooming. A number of groomers are certified or registered by a grooming organisation or school; however, no government agency licenses or regulates pet groomers. After you narrow down your search, contact groomers to ask on their services, hours of operation and costs. Also, request names of their clients that you can interview.

Assess the Facility

Before you choose a groomer for your dog, take a tour of the facility. The following are some factors that you have to take into account during the assessment.

  • Does the facility smell and look clean?
  • Does it have enough light?
  • Do its people look caring and knowledgeable?
  • Can they handle pets gently?
  • Does the facility have appropriately-sized cages?
  • Does it place cats and dogs in separate cages?
  • Does it have a record of the pets they groomed?
  • Does it monitor pets on a regular basis to prevent overheating when blow drying?

Understand the Cost of Grooming

The costs of grooming vary depending upon where you stay, the size and species of your pet, the difficulty or simplicity of the cut and the severity of matting. Shampoo and brushing fees can range from $40 to $60, depending on such factors. Expect to pay more for more extensive grooming. The number of hours your dog is groomed may also have a say on the cost of the grooming services. Check the Petsmart Grooming hours to have an idea of the cost.

Ease the Fear of your Dog

You dog needs to tolerate being groomed no matter how often you bring her to a grooming professional. In order to train your pet, groom it briefly while you two are relaxed. For instance, massage its coat every morning when you feed it. Gradually introduce a comb or brush. Increase the grooming work and time on various areas every day. Make sure you reward your pet for its cooperation.