Tips that helps you when choosing names for your dog

Dog names are usually selected according the looks of puppies. Big dogs like German shepherds and Great Danes are named like Caesar and toy poodles usually have cute names like Fifi or Cleopatra. Some dog owners will name their pets according to their expectations such as Lex Luthor.

dogsA name do not actually have anything to do in a puppy’s life or with his personality.

His personality depends on how you raise and train him. Here we give you some useful tips that will help you choose a suitable name for your dog/puppy.

  • Choose a short and sweet name. Large dog names may seem to be long for you and your puppy. Stick to one or maximum two syllables.
  • Ensure that your dog’s name is not sounding like someone’s name in your family member or another pet. For example, if your son’s name is Rusty, never put the name Dusty to your dog.
  • Use starting letters like D or T so that dogs can easily distinguish their names.
  • Tell the name loudly for many times and ensure that it does not cause any difficulty to pronounce.
  • Choose a dog name for your puppy after a big research to ensure that it does not indicate any offensive meaning.
  • Funny dog names are much popular these days and can be chosen. This not only sounds funny but also makes the environment entertaining when you pronounce them.
  • Use a name that does not cause problems to people from different races, religions and creeds. Ensure that your dog’s name is clean in all aspects.

There are a wide range of choices when it comes to dog names. You have to keep in mind that your puppy is going to carry the name all his dog years.

At websites like TufToys you can check various unique funny dog names which can be best suited for your dog. Do not forget to check them out while deciding your dog’s name.

Choose a name wisely and carefully. Pick up a suitable name for your puppy with whole lot of love and affection. Your puppy will thank you for this.