Tips on How to Fish in a River

Tips on How to Fish in a River – River Fishing Tips for Beginners

Whenever I think about fishing in a river, it just blows my mind. Fishing is always a great pleasure to the people. But, fishing in the river is a bit tricky than in a pond or lake. You have to abide by some specific rule to catch fish in a river like picking the right fishing reel, knowing about the river fishes, choosing the appropriate time, etc. However, the following instruction may take you to an enjoyable and successful fishing period.

Take preparation for fishing in a river: Before getting out for fishing in a river, you need to take some preparation. Only when you are prepared enough for fishing, you can exact an enjoyable fishing period. Otherwise, fishing may be annoying for you.

  • Collect a suitable fishing pole: The first thought that comes to my mind when you think about fishing is a good quality fishing pole. Gather a fishing pole that is easy on your hand as well as suitable for the river you are going to fish. Use the best quality fishing reel to increase the performance of your rod.
  • Choose right bait: Decide which fishes you want to catch and collect the suitable bait to attract that fishes. For that, you may need to gather some idea about your target fishes. Learn what attracts your target fishes most.
  • Get some Polarized Glasses: Polarized glasses help you see through the water. To see your target fishes in the river water, you can use some polarized glasses. It will help you find the fishes easily without wasting time unnecessarily.

Select the River: Selecting a river for fishing is an important task. You that, every river is not suitable for fishing. So, carefully learn about the nature of the river like the water flow and wave, river depth, etc. Make sure that you chose the river is abound with fishes. You should pay a visit to the river you are going to fish. Decide where you will sit for fishing, considering the depth of the river and availability of the weed in it. Select the island and weedy place to fish in the river if possible. Always try to pick a river that is calm and quite.

Select time for fishing: Successfulness of fishing mostly depends on fishing the time. Choose a suitable time for fishing. Pay a visit to the river to learn when fishes are active. Try to select the time when it rains. You may also pick the time when it is too cold or too hot. Sunset and sunrise time are also suitable for fishing.

Hook bait: Hook a piece of bait on your fishing pole. Try to use the bait that attracts your target fish most.  Try to use some live bait because live bait attracts the fish better than the dead one.

Cast your rod: When you have hooked a piece of bait in your pole, it’s time to cast your hook out. Hold your rod at the bottom and move the top behind you. Not give a strong pressure to your rod and drop your hook far away from your position.

Let the bait eat the fish: Wait until a fish eats you’re the bait you provided. Whenever you have been confirmed that the fish have been hooked up, quickly jerk your rod up to 1-2 feet. Then, stow the line with your fishing reel. Be careful whether the fish escape away.

Catch the fish: When you have got the fish in your hand, escape it away from the hook. Now, decide whether you are going to keep the fish or let it goes. If you fish you caught is your expected one, then store it in a pot. Keep some water in the pot to keep your fish alive. Now get ready for picking another one. When your fishing is completed, you may need to be serious about the transportation of your fish. Keep them in the water pot if possible.

However, when catching fish in the river, you must be careful about yourself. There may have an accident while fishing like you can fall in the water or lose the entire rod when a fish pulls with a strong force. Take all the necessary steps to safely catch fishes.