Tips on How to Effectively Search and Recover a Lost Dog

Dogs tend to be curious creatures. And unless they are attached to a leash or restrained by being in a fenced-in area when out of doors, they may suddenly run away, chasing after a squirrel or another animal that catches their fancy. It’s important to not panic when a dog becomes lost because you must conduct as organized a search as possible in order for you to obtain your objective of finding your lost dog as quickly as possible.

Search the Immediate Area

More dogs are likely to return home when their owners ask for help from as many friends and family members as possible as soon as their absence has been noticed. Everyone should spread out on foot as well as by vehicle to search an area that is two to three miles from the place where the dog was last seen.

Find one of your pet’s favorite squeaky toys and bring it with you because the noise from this item will sound familiar to your dog and possibly bring him running back in your direction as soon as he hears it. It can also be helpful to bring another dog from the family with you to search for your lost dog.

Post Flyers

If you have not been able to locate your lost pet within the first two hours after you noticed the dog missing, begin posting alerts using the Internet, including a recent photo of your pet if possible. Ask family members and friends to print out ads and flyers and start posting them in the neighborhood with the dog’s photo as well as any other pertinent information about him that would help someone identify him as a lost pet.

Keep Expanding Your Search

Tell everyone you see pass by your street, including mail carriers, delivery men, neighbors, bikers and joggers about your lost pet because you never know where a good lead will come from and unless you inform other people as to what happened, you won’t know if somebody saw something unusual that might prove to be a good piece of information to help you track down your missing dog.

Check the Local Animal Shelter

One of the first places a Good Samaritan might bring a dog that they found wandering alone in the area is the local Animal Shelter. So check there in person to see if any stray animals have been brought into the shelter within the past 24 hours. Leave a flyer with shelter officials showing a photo or description of your dog, and keep checking in with them daily to see if anyone has passed along any information.

Be Persistent

Continue to keep up the search for your missing pet, because lost dogs have been known to show up as long as a year after they went missing. Once you are reunited with your beloved pet, invest in getting their ear inserted with a microchip that can help to identify them should they ever break free and go wandering off again.

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