Tips for hiring a pet insurance

Pet insurance is similar to health insurance as it seeks to protect from accidents and disease, in this case the pets. Your best friend deserves the best coverage for any unforeseen. In the pet insurance you will find a range of services that can go very well for you to care for your dog or cat.


The pet insurance is aimed at pet owners, in particular, dogs and cats. It is very flexible as it allows hiring from basic coverage -of animal- damage to expanded coverage, including the guarantee of veterinary care. This policy allows the insured to protect themselves against any eventuality related to the animal. So, he gets to be quiet about what might happen, and your pet will be well cared for if you have an unexpected health or accidental.

As owners of a pet, we consider our friend and protector. For many people your dog or cat is very important in your life, to the point that is a member of the family. Why, and what might happen, should be covered risks and circumstances that may occur at any time , claims for civil liability for damage to third parties , accidents suffered by the animal itself, extraordinary expenses that will be incurred , …

Protect entails a number of expenses that we cannot avoid, so pet insurance can help in the most difficult moments. Pet insurance is the best option, but it is also possible to secure pets with family Multirriesgo insurance Liability insurance or home. In these cases, it will cost little money for what coverages are usually very basic. For your peace and your faithful companion, always better to hire a pet insurance. Discover how much is pet insurance for a dog costs and how it can save you from unexpected vet bills.

Hedges in pet insurance

The coverage and guarantees depend on the contracted product. But you should know that the Civil Liability -for what might happen to a third- and direct animal care – services of veterinarian – are the most prominent coverage to contract.

As when a person hires a doctor or health insurance, pet insurance with your dog or cat will have a personalized care and veterinary service when needed. In any case and in general, pet insurance should cover the following:

Basic Coverages:

-Liability in case causes damage to third parties.

-Accidental death

-Theft of your pet

-Loss if you lose. Some insurance companies help in finding the animal with recruitment ads and expenses required location.

-Sacrifice of the pet.

-24h telephone support to answer any questions about your health.

Optional Coverages:

-Veterinary care that ensures complete care of the pet, including costs of consultation, diagnostic tests, lab tests, surgery, hospitalization, veterinary expenses and home care. In this sense, you can choose the veterinary center of a relationship of hospitals and clinics partner, as well as the ability to access free choice centers with appropriate reimbursement of expenses, according to the limits established in the policy.

-Stay in a residence due to surgery or illness.

-Burial expenses.

-Incineration of the remains.

With these coverages insurance pet can get you out of a bad situation economic, if you had to pay out of your pocket all bills surgery or any unexpected expense.

Requirements and Limitations for pet insurance

To buy insurance for your pet you must give your data to the brokerage or insurance company can calculate the price of the premium. You ask what kind of animal and breed is the old certificate, and you may request a declaration of Health.

Normally, hiring a pet insurance must be met certain requirements:

-The minimum and maximum age of the animal must be within the established limits, usually between 3 months and 8 years (vary depending on the insurance company).

-It is properly enumerated and identified with a microchip.

-Having immunization records up to date.

-Prove pet bill and documentation of pedigree.

It cost pet insurance

As with any type of insurance, the pet will vary depending on the coverage you contract. The more coverage more will raise the policy premium. But keep in mind that a dog or cat with pedigree usually expensive price, as if the race is considered dangerous. Also it is more expensive pet insurance for the elderly.

As is known, there are different factors that affect the final price of insurance depending on whether dog or cat, race, date of birth, the value of the pet and contracted guarantees. This type of insurance usually has a grace period with which even after the first 15 trading days cannot use some coverage.