Tips for Buying Best Vacuum Cleaner When You Have Pets At Home

Human love adoring pets because pets are the best companions and part of family. But lets admit the fact, they are messy too. They drop hairs and dander all over your house which needs to cleaned on regular basis to keep the home environment clean and hygienic.

If you have a family member who has allergies, you will want to keep the home free from the irritation of these substances. Keeping the animal companion well cleaned requires a best quality vacuum that can help you tackle tough jobs.

Importance of pet vacuums for carpet and furniture

Lack of a premium quality pet hair removal tool can leave your home and furniture covered in dirt, dust and hair. Also, lacking a particular cleaning schedule can build up pet hair as well as the potential to ignite certain allergies and respiratory issues in human.

Keep in mind, there is no pet as non-shedding hair and dander; all breeds naturally lose their hair to some extent. You can have a long-haired, short-haired or flat coated pet home. The vital thing you need is to vacuum at least once a week in order to fight household dirt and hair.

The best vacuums for removing pet hair are those made for this specific task, which come with many different purpose-built attachments for easy sucking up of hair and dirt from carpet and furniture and also from hard-to-reach areas. A product specific appliance, such as pet hair vacuums, works effectively than a standard stand-up vacuum cleaner.

Here we provide you some tips for choosing the best vacuums for pets. Look at the vital elements to be included in a pet-friendly vacuum and compare a few of the reputed pet vacuums for carpet and furniture on the market.

5 Tips for choosing the best pet vacuum

Cleaning your household things needs a workhorse of a vacuum, which you can rely on to work for many years and tackle difficult cleaning chores. When you shop for a new vacuum for pet hair cleaning, there are many things to consider.

Pets create a lot of dust and dirt than you will find in a home without animals. The type of dust they make depend on the animal. You could find dander from fur, dropped claws and skin and even birds’ feather dust. When cleaning up after pets, you should consider;

1- Bagged or Bagless: Vacuums are mainly divided into bagged and bagless. The difference is clear – Bagged vacuums include bags to collect dirt and dust that are taken and disposed in a new bag. On the other hand, bagless vacuums collect dirt in a canister or chamber, which is later emptied when full. These types of vacuums normally include an integrated filter, with HEPA capabilities that needs to be cleaned and changed regularly.

2- Deep-Clean Capabilities: Pet hairs, dirt and dust can stay deeply into the carpet and furniture. Vacuums with deep clean capabilities bear the skill to suck particulates from deep inside the carpet and furniture and keep it as clean as possible.

3- HEPA Filtered: Allergens are one of the major concerns with animals that have hair and dander. These substances can, when shed of, become airborne and cause many health issues. So, you want a tool that has HEPA filter capabilities. But, this does not mean a bagless vacuum. Many advanced bagged vacuums come with HEPA filters in their bags.

4- Cleaning Attachments: These accessories are essential as they swap out various bristles, brushes, sticks and nozzles for individual chores. With these attachments, you can better clean curtains, stairs, upholstery, and furniture. Homeowners with a pet know that fur and dander are not only relegated to the carpets. So, the more you clean with your vacuum, the better off you will be!

5- Height Adjust: When you have different carpets and surfaces to clean, you will want vacuums with height adjust capabilities.

Keep your house and furniture clean by regular vacuuming, especially if you have pets. With a specialist pet vacuum, you can do all the heavy lifting of hair removal! Read this guide thoroughly and you will be able to get started on meeting your needs when buying a new vacuum cleaner to remove dust, dirt and dander from your pets.