The Perfect Balanced Diet For A Healthy Dog

Had your dog ever came waddling down to you, showering you with all the affection possible, and licking all over your face at certain times of the morning, afternoon and night? And maybe sometimes in between times too? Well, even though your dog loves and worships you, those certain splurge of affection happen while they are hungry and desperately need to be fed.

What to feed and what not to?

A dog’s health is not just maintained well by the number of times he/she caught leaped and caught the Frisbee or by how long they went for a walk, as much as those are important factors, a properly well nutritional diet holds much more importance for determining their well being.

dog food

What to feed?

  • Packaged and canned Dog Food is most easily available and well measured and perfectly balanced diet for a dog. With a properly measured amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fibres, those packaged food are a big thumbs up.
  • Even though fruits can be a blessing to the human race, seems like not all fruits can work wonders for our little four legged friends. Apples are essentially good for them, if deseeded properly.
  • Eggs and Fish can work wonders for the protein requirement for your dog’s health. Fish is a great alternative for dog’s that suffer any sort of meat allergies.
  • While in some recent researches, the topic if pickles can fed have come up, even when the pickles might not seem that life threatening per se, it is best suggested to consult a vet to check any signs of probable allergic reactions or hypertension, keeping in mind that pickles contain a lot of salt in the brine which may not be good for your dog.

What not to feed?

  • Onions, garlic, chocolate are considered to be fatal for a dog’s life, as researches have suggested.
  • Walnuts and Macadamia nuts are literally poison for your dog, the other types may not be that fatal but it is always suggested to possibly skip out the nuts due to their high cholesterol content.
  • Cooked bones are advised to be avoided as then tend to splinter and cause internal damage and or become an intestinal obstruction.

It is always advised to stick to food that have been given to the dog in a long run and not experiment with new food habits which may result in being fatal and not healthy for your dog.