The Cat Language Bible

Cat owners will have enough reasons to be excited when they put their hand on a recently published book named The Cat Language Bible, which can serve as a useful guide for learning the behavioral science of cats. The author of this book, Jonas Jurgello is a specialist in animal behavioral science and has earned fame through his works on animal behavior. This book is the last of his series, which has been compiled after years of extensive research.


This book provides exhaustive information on an array of exclusive techniques for helping cat owners to communicate more effectively with their pet cats in order to establish a strong bond with them. Although this book has been much hyped, which may make some cat owners to be reluctant to buy it, the author has provided a deep insight on the information that is sufficient to prove that this book can be a valuable guide.

This 100 page book provides information on Cat Behavior that is based on case studies and the techniques and strategies that have been proven scientifically to help you understand the behaviors and feelings of cats for communicating with them more effectively. This will help you understand the different types of sounds emanated by cats to express their feelings and thereby communicate with their owners, making them understand their needs and thoughts.

The exhaustive information provided by the author is based on his interaction with large numbers of cat owners and their pet cats. The strategies that are discussed in this book are based on hypothesis testing and experiences in the real world by the author. The Cat Language Bible comes with bonus material which include The Cat Care Guide, Training Your Cat, A-To-Z Feline Nutrition and Lifetime Updates. The features and benefits that this book provide can help cat owners to strengthen their relationships with their feline companions.