Termite Treatment and Pets – Are There Any Risks?

When you have a termite infestation in your home, you know that it’s a problem that can’t be left alone; it needs fixing right away to avoid further damage which can lead to costly repairs.  However, if you have pets in your home, it’s vital that the treatments that you perform are pet friendly, otherwise you could end up harming your beloved animals.  Keep reading for some advice regarding termite treatment and pets.

petsTermite Treatments Can Be Deadly

Whilst you may have heard of people who remain in their homes whilst chemical treatments are sprayed, you will almost always find that these people do not have pets.  Whilst chemical treatments aren’t harmful to most humans, you have to consider that pets are a lot smaller than us, and they will be affected by the sprays used.  In addition to this, pets have a habit of licking the floor.  So, if the treatments are being sprayed onto surfaces that your pets can reach, it won’t take much for them to lick the chemicals and get poisoned.  Even if it is safe for you to remain in your house, make sure your pets are removed until it is safe.

Consider the Outside of Your Home Too

Termite treatments are usually performed both inside and outside of the home, so it’s important to speak to your pest removal team and ask when each area will be safe.  Even if the inside of your home is safe and chemical free, the outside of your home might not be.  Dogs and cats can’t tell the difference between poison and water, and you don’t want to risk them licking or sniffing at anything that could be harmful to them.  It’s best to keep them away from your home until everywhere has been declared safe.

Opt for Pet Safe Treatments

If you have a large termite problem, it may be worth spending the extra money and hiring anextermination Montreal company that can perform pet safe termite treatments.  There are some sprays that can be used that are not harmful to pets.  The pesticides in these sprays are not concentrated, and so only around 1% of the mixture contains pesticides.  They are safe to be used in houses that contain pets, so long as they are kept away from the treated surfaces until they dry.  Fishbowls and cages should also be covered whilst the treatments are performed.

Natural treatments are also available, but these vary in their effectiveness.  A few options available include orange oil, electrocution, and sunlight.  These may be worth trying if you have a small infestation. However, it’s worth calling in the professionals if you have a large infestation, as they’re not the easiest things to rid your home of.

Keep in mind that termites are slow eaters (it usually takes them around five years to eat a pound of wood), so you don’t have to rush into making a decision.  Instead, look for companies in your area that offer pet safe treatments, or consider booking your pets into some kennels for the duration of the treatment.