Teach your Kids to Love your Pets and Dogs

There are numerous peoples who love adopting pets but most of them don’t think it as a decision of responsibility. Most of the time people knowingly or unknowingly neglect the pets and this is the worst condition for a pet. Pets and dogs are also a member of your family and if you have taken a decision of pets and dogs adoption then you should first understand the responsibilities of your pet. And then, you can adopt your favorite pet only if you think you would be able to handle all the required responsibilities.

pets-and-kidsThis is the most important part that everyone should understand and if you have kids in your home then it is your responsibility to teach your kids to love pets. It might not be possible for you to spend much time for pet due to kids and your family’s work but you can teach your kids to play with pet.

Almost all kids love playing with pet and you should teach the kids that pet care is as important as theirs. You should think and treat your pet as a child and same you would need to teach you kid.

It is not really very hard task. You just need to spend time with your kids and pets and then your kids will see how you treat your pet and that is the most effective lesson to them. Almost all kids learn from their parents and that is why your caring attitude towards your pet is what matters most. If you are caring enough for your pet then your kid will definitely understand the value and meaning of pet care and love.

  • Train your kids to respect your pets and not to tease them too hard or too often.
  • Prevent your child from exploring dog’s things such as food, toys, litter box and water bowl, and they should know that kicking or biting the dog may hurt it.
  • Put your children off to push or twist the dog’s tails and ears, pocking and pinching fingers or other pointed objects to its eyes.
  • It is essential that your dog should recognize its place in the family hierarchy. Provide him with a scheduled play to rest when your children’s friends are visiting home.
  • Elder children may help to pay attention in activities like dog training and feeding, since they are more playful and constant.
  • They may do chores for the dog and walk the dog inside the yard, depending on their age, interest and ability. This will make your kid responsible as well. But, never neglect your own duty towards the pet as your children may be careless and may not be able to provide proper attention to the dog.
  • Adolescents are more egocentric and may not pay attention to the dog. So you need to pay particular attention to your dog to keep them from feeling overlooked.

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