Tame Your Dog And Never Chain Your Dog

It is difficult to tame a dog without a stick and patience. Untrained dogs are as good as an unchained mule. Training a dog need a lot of time and effort. It’s not an easy process, the dog need to understand what master is thinking, it must have respect and be scared of master.

Unlike human, dogs don’t understand verbal communication and thus they can be only tamed with beating and treating. But it is too difficult to predict dogs’ behaviors; they might be over frightened or might be very aggressive.

We cannot always train a dog with sticks; they will get scared only when we are with sticks but will never change its behavior or its instincts. There is a new product in the present market for training dogs; it’s called E-collar or shock collar.

 Shock collar or e-Collar

As the name projects, it is an electronic device which is used as dogs belt which can produce a certain amount of electric shock or current in order to make them understand the mistakes.

It was started in late 1960s for hunting dogs, but technology was not so developed to control the amount of shock to be produced. The modern chock collars are very advanced in all the present technology.

Some are having beep and vibration mode as alternative to shocks. Some are even having a built in GPS device to locate the dogs position.

Beep Mode

A beep in shock belt is nothing but a device to produce a beep sound. It can substitute a whistle or clap. The dog must be trained the tones of beep.

A short beep can be used as start or end of some work. A long beep can be used as warning of a shock which is followed after the beep. The dog must be aware of the tone as well.

Vibrate mode

This is another mode by which the trainer can catch the dogs’ attention like as of the beep. Both beep and vibrate mode won’t hurt the dog but can be used as communicator.

Shock mode

This is the main function of a shock collars for dogs. In this mode the belt or the collar will produce electric current which can make the dog pain or discomfort.

This will make the dog stop doing what it’s doing. The amount of shock can be light or excruciating. It depends on the level of voltage that is being set on device.

Advantages of shock collars

These devices can be operated from a remote distance of the dog. It is not always possible to stay near dog and beat them or club them.

Unlike the stick and clubs, the shock collar can give enough pain to make them fear from doing the same or make them understand their mistake.

These belts can also make the dogs inside a definite perimeter. The houses having no fence or physical barrier to block, this mode can be used to make the dog to stay inside the virtual perimeter.

Some other features are electronic pads which can be kept under mat or furniture to give a signal to the shock collar to make the dogs stay away from them.

This can help them change the dogs habitual, as they avoid contact with the pads. Bark control is another mode where the collar will be having active microphone to vibrate or shock as there is excessive nuisance of barking.

At the same time, these e-collars also have device to produce ultrasonic sound to make them bark with high intense.

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