Support and Rescue the Animals thru Holistic Animal Welfare Program

The animals are found all around the world. There are so many places where the animals don’t get any care and most tragic phase of the animal life is being captive as a pet. Usually people care about their pets but some people don’t care about their pets and when they get tired of their pets, they simply get rid of them.

Poacher-with-a-dead-animalThis is the most vulnerable situation of the animals which is really very complex issue for almost all the Animal Advocates& Animal Rescue Activists all around the world. So, the Holistic Animal Welfare Program or hawp is stepping forward for the animal’s rescue to better animal’s life.

The 8-Week online practitioner certification training offered by the HAWP will help you to master quantum healing tools! You will be taught about the sacred geometry and then you will get the knowledge on how to use Geometry Codes of AH properly. You will get the knowledge about wave healing, Color therapy and subliminals etc.

In simple words we can say that here you will get the training on prevention of abusive practices on animals. In this program or training, you will get the knowledge about animal kingdom, pets care which will make you an expert in this subject.

Here I share with you some highlights of the training that will help you to become master in it.

  • In first week, you will get the knowledge about this program and you will get introduced to it with the assignment.
  • In your Second week, you will get little closer to the sacred spirit animal kingdom
  • In your Third week, you will be taught about the Quantum Energy Healing Tools and the beach flower remedies
  • In your Week four and five, you will gain efficiency in the Quantum Energy Healing Tools by practices
  • In your Week six and seven, you will be guided to the masters messages meditation and the Energy Transmission through the Codes of AH
  • And then finally in the week eight, the sacred accomplishment and bonus AH Code activation

This is a noble and really very important step to make so if you are ready to proceed on this path then we are here to assist you as much as we can.


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