Start With the Basic Dog Training Commands

Dog Training using positive conditioning techniques is a gentle and loving method to teach your dog the basic commands. In using such dog training methods, you foster a loving relationship with your dog instead of bullying and frightening him into submission.

In this article, we have tried to explain the central steps to teach your puppy or adult dog the primary commands required to become a valuable member of the family.

Listed below are some Dog Training Tips for successfully training your dog the basic commands.

Especially when just beginning always has a leash or a dog training collar on your dog, so he won’t become distracted and admire off during the training session. You can learn more about dog training collar from this best dog training collars guide.

When first beginning never forces the dog. Resist the urge to push or jerk on the dog if they are having difficulty learning a particular command. Always try to keep your dog training sessions on a positive level. Both you and your dog enjoy the training sessions more if you are enjoying your time spent together.

Label your commands. When giving your dog a training group, label the action. When your dog stays, tell him good stay, not a good dog. Your dog learns the individual commands faster because they hear the command word again and they are praised using the specific command word.

Keep your training assemblies short. If you are training a puppy, keep your sessions under 10 minutes. It is more productive to have several short training sessions daily so that your dog does not become bored or distracted.

The primary dog owner should be responsible for the dogs training sessions. However, everyone in the family should learn the commands for consistency, and so the dog sees all people as dominate and therefore listens and obeys everyone equally.

When you begin to train a puppy or young dog, you must start with basic commands such as no, come, sit, down and stay. When you start with these basic commands and follow thru until the dog has mastered them you will have a great foundation to train the dog for any advanced exercises such as agility, obedience trials or whatever you may wish to proceed to embrace.


Start With Basic Commands-

Respond to the word No – no is one word that all dogs must learn. Training your dog to respond to this signal word will save you a ton of trouble.

Basic Command – Come – Teaching the dog to come on command is not only vital it could potentially save his life and must be part of any dog training strategy. A properly trained dog will always respond quickly to his owner’s voice. The sooner a dog learns this lesson, the quicker he will become a well-trained and valued family member.

Basic Command – Sit – Teaching the dog to sit on command should be the next step in any basic dog training program. It is enough easier to teach your dog something new if he is calmly sitting giving you his undivided attention.

Basic Command – Down – Teaching your dog to lie down when given the proper command isn’t just a cute trick. The down command is a vital part of any dog training strategy which is successful.

Basic Command – Stay – A well-trained dog should remain where his owner commands, so stay is a critical command in dog training.

When you start with basic commands and follow thru until the dog has mastered all of the commands he will not express boredom, unhappiness or bewilderment. A successful dog training plan teaches him exactly what he is expected to do and rewards desired behaviors with plenty of positive reinforcements.