Some facts about the dolphins and their food information

The dolphins are very lovely creature of the plant. Dolphins are harmless to human and that is what makes them most friendly creature of the earth. We all, especially kids like the dolphins most because dolphins like to play in most of their time. They are harmless and really very entertaining to the human being. The dolphin life is far more different than the other marine mammals because they don’t live the life routine of other mammals.

They have their own preferences and their own lifestyle which makes them lovely and friendly mammal. There are some facts that every dolphin appreciator should know and here I am sharing with you some common facts about dolphins so that you can also get more information about their lives.


  • The dolphins are found all around the world and they mostly live in the shallow seas. This is said to the choice of their preference for a free and happy lifespan.
  • The dolphins vary in the colours but the grey colour dolphins are highly common all around the world.  The pink dolphins are said to be rare and they are only visible in some certain part of the seas.
  • There are many different species of the dolphins and they all looks little different but almost the same and that is the reason why the dolphin population counting is little hard for us. So, there is no certain number of the dolphins as they are spread in such a large geographic area in various species.

We all know that the dolphins have playful and flexible behaviour which makes them most friendly mammal of the sea. What do dolphins eat is one of the exciting questions which many people have in mind. So the answer is that most of the dolphins consume fish, crustaceans and squids etc. The fish and squid is their preferred food choice and they can eat it all the time. To know more one can also visit the what do dolphins eat website. This will provide you the various answers to your questions.

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