Reduce Stray Dogs and Help Rescuing Your Favorite Pet

A rescue dogs is a dog which is rescued from a neglected or abusive house to a rescue center. The dogs which are categorized as stray and unhealthy are also rescued by this organization. The majority of dogs that has been rescued falls under the age group 6 months to 3 years and weigh about fifty pounds. Any dog breed can be rescued but certain breed is often found rescued in these centers.

The dogs are rehomed after rescuing; this becomes difficult when it comes to the dogs which are aggressive in nature. Many dogs are found easy to rehome but it becomes difficult in case of older ones. There are even charities which provide ongoing health care and which help in rescuing and rehoming older dogs.

Reasons for dogs being relinquished

  • Shifting house
  • Landlords not allowing to keep a pet
  • Not having money to meet the needs of their pet
  • Family problem/ too much pet.

An avalanche rescue dogs needs to have a good drive for hunting and are trained for it. Breeds like Labradors, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds and the cross breeds including these make a good choice for the purpose. Herding dogs can also serve good purpose. Dogs must be non-aggressive to man and other dogs too. A dog can search an avalanche terrain within half an hour where as it takes four hour for a man to do the same.

Unregulated breeding has caused the reason for the increasing number of stray and unhealthy dogs. Sterilization helps in dogs from fighting and wounding the other dog as wounds get infected very soon. Rehoming plays an important role in rescuing stray any unhealthy dogs. The more the dogs are rehomed the more the stray dogs are reduced. Rehoming makes the dog feel comfortable and creates affection with the owner. You can even donate dogs to the rescue centers.

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