Probiotic Powder for Dog’s Health and Happiness

Are you a pet owner? Then, you would have heard the term, Probiotics. They are microorganisms that are naturally available in our bodies in order to fight bad bacteria and keep digestive as well as immune systems healthy. The major reasons why we should give dogs probiotics include promoting good health and good bacteria.

Dogs’ digestive system works overtime as dogs are usually getting into the garbage or public places for food, which makes their digestive system to deal with the bad food they are eating. Eating bad food can break down their immune system and may lead to allergies.

Pets are like kids for many owners. So, when they get sick, they don’t like it and will give quality foods and keep them as healthy as possible. It is good to give dogs probiotics as it will certainly increase the quantity of good bacteria in their bodies to fight against the bad bacteria.

Though giving probiotics is a good idea, not all probiotics are the same. You will want to understand the differences so that you can buy the best possible supplement for your family pet. You will want to choose one that includes quality strains of probiotics. Stable strains will survive from the maker until it reaches your pet’s tummy.

Quality stable strains don’t need to be refrigerated. It is also good to choose one that includes prebiotics as it stimulates the growth and activity of good bacteria. Crafton’s Pet Naturals Dog Probiotic and Prebiotic powder supports your dog’s health and happiness with a simple scoop! You can check more details about it here at

You can give this powder to your pet if it is suffering from joint pain, severe digestive issues, diarrhea, severe ear infections, hair loss, etc. It is a delicious chicken flavored supplement that will fill out their diet with dog enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics in order to help them thrive.