PetSafe Dog Containment System for Your Stubborn Dog

A good dog containment system is a boon for pet owners whose dogs are escape artists. Both aggressive and friendly dogs can pose an issue when they get out of the yards. A system around the dog’s yard area can keep them in the yard without trying to escape.PetSafe stubborn dog collar

In-Ground Pet Containment System is designed particular for stubborn dogs that look for ways over, under and around fencing. This containment system includes wires placed underground around the perimeter of the yard and linked to a control box.

The dog is tied with a collar that gathers signals from the underground wires as the dog moves to the edge of the yard. The collar is equipped with prongs inside to provide the charge and it alerts the owner when the dog moves beyond his/her boundaries.

If the dog continues to move, a static correction tells them to stop and stay inside the boundary. It takes around 2 weeks to train a dog using the system. The correction level in the collar is adjustable to fit the strength in order to safely work for the dog.

PetSafe Stubborn Dog in-ground fence system is one of the most popular dog containment systems available in the market, which is evident from many PetSafe stubborn dog collar reviews. This system works effectively on larger and stubborn dogs.

It comes with 4 adjustable correction levels in order to choose from the most suitable level that works for the dog. Pet owners who find it hard to train their dog will find this system a boon. The underground fencing system works in harmony with other PetSafe collars and with multiple pets. The collars work with indoor PetSafe pods too!