Pet Transportation to Sri Lanka Made Easy

Having a pet in your house eases lots of tension and just seeing their innocence and the love they shower on us makes our heart lighter. Selecting a pet and caring for it itself, is an art that requires in-depth knowledge and execution of fulfilling their requirements. As the days go by, you become much closer and closer to the pets and they become a part and parcel of your day to day life.  Situations arise when you have to travel and depart your pets and in those times you miss them and wonder how a mere pet could have such an impact on you.

Pet-TransportationIf such a small gap itself could affect you so much, consider a situation of relocating to a different place or to a different country. You cannot just put your pets in a bag and carry them or could walk them through an Airport and board the flight. There are laws and restrictions for pet transfer in different countries and handling them and getting clearance to transport them could become a big headache. Here is where a good pet transport company comes into play.

When your requirement is to get the pet transported from any other country in the world to Colombo, Srilanka, then you need not have to look further. We, at Pet Express in provide complete packages for pet transportation.


First requirement for the transport will be to obtain an import permit from the Srilankan government. We lessen your burden by applying and obtaining the necessary permits and licences for the transport with the help of our professional staff who are well versed with the rules and regulations of the Government. Hence obtaining the permit will be made hassle free.

Pet Crates:

While the licensing process is underway, you might want to know how the transportation is going to be planned and executed. You will need a crate or a facility to carry the Pet. It should be spacious enough to make the pet comfortable for the long air journey. Proper ventilation and safety is also a must for the crate. Its material of construction and the mechanism with which it is constructed are also of prime importance. We take pride in providing custom built carriers for pets that are internationally accepted and safe for your pet.


Selecting the right mode of transportation that accepts pets and complying with the documental requirements will be the next task. For getting the task handled, your search ends with us at Pet Express. We determine the appropriate flight arrangement and take care of all related documentations relieving you of great pressures.

Health consideration:

Remember, you pet is also a living being prone for infections and diseases which might aggravate during the transportation. To ensure a safe and healthy transport, complete vaccination record of the pet has to be collected and verified. If any additional vaccination is required has to be determined and if needed the pet has to be vaccinated in a proper way so that their health do not get affected during the travel. Abrupt change in climatic conditions and change in time zones, can affect the pets as they affect us. Our expert consultancy services enable you to take all preventive measures.

Customs Clearance:

When everything is done and the pet have arrived the destination, then still there are certain governmental procedures that are to be completed to take them out of the airport. There are tiresome documentations involved in the process which includes giving a declaration to the customs department and going through the approval process. Our expert team takes up the entire job and complete the entire operation of getting custom clearance in just 2 hours.

When you are re-locating to Columbo, Srilanka with a pet transportation involved, we provide the best professional services unmatched by others.