Make your Dog a Celebrity with Mookie

Are you a dog lover? How much do you love it? Are you feeling that you are able to reciprocate the love that it is giving you? If yes, then sure you will be so happy to install the “Mookie” app. Are you wondering what that app is for? It is for making your dog a celebrity! Your dog can get likes, followers and posts from many people.

When you can have a twitter or Instagram for yourself, why do not have a similar one for your dog too? Mookie, has come with an application that is completely devoted for the dogs. We love dogs as you do and the app is dedicated completely for dogs.

MookieMookie is the Dog Diary and is a Simple and beautiful diary made for you, your friends and most importantly your dog. Use the Mookie Dog Diary for snapping and sharing the most memorable moments of your dog.

You can meet not only new dog people but also can check out the new places. The most important feature of this app is the timeline of the life events of your dog. Pinning the locations of the favourite places of yours where you like to spend the time with your dog and posting stories and photos of your dog is possible.

The map will help you in pinning the locations. You can follow the other dogs and the form packs from there on. Packs are much fun as they are full of the photos of the goofy adventures and the cute puppies. Interesting dog life stories and news are also there from our bloggers team.

We made this app initially for ourselves and aimed in making everyday use of the mobile phone easy and nice. The taking of photos, posting the stories, pinning the places on map etc. during fun time with our dog Mookie became very easy because of this app. This motivated us to bring it to you.