List of Common Dog Behavior Problems

If you are looking for Dog Problems solutions, this is the right place for you, here you will find articles written by professionals in the dog behavior topic as well as veterinarian advice to raise a bright and fit dog.

If you are thinking on getting a pup and all the joy that comes with it, it’s a pretty thought to also have in mind all the Dog Problems you will face inbreeding that puppy so your relationship becomes a gratifying one for all of your family members, of course including your new dog.

Below are the most common problems and the recommended solutions:

Separation Anxiety

Dogs just enjoy being around and maintaining each other company and surely they don’t do good being alone. When dogs are left by themselves it could become one of the Dog Problems and they may start barking, chewing, whining, scratching to let you know how they feel, so try not to pay lots of attention so they comprehend that you must leave on a regular basis.

Is not a good idea to leave your home and say goodbye to your dog because it will feel your emotions and behave upon that feeling, your dog will also know that you don’t like to leave it unaccompanied, and it will respond to that impression too.

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Aggression sometimes comes when they were attacked by other dog or animal when they were puppies, also comes to safeguard their dominion when an unknown person or creature comes close to them, aggression is one of the Dog Problems you should deal immediately.

So if we know that aggressive behaviors in dogs come from insecurity or fear you have to make sure your dog is protected so they will know that there is no motive for aggressiveness. There are many obedience training programs to deal with aggression, just keep in mind to be consistent.


The first thing is to determine the reason why your dog digs although is a natural instinct it can be caused by the excess of energy or if the dog feels bored. Once your dog knows that digging in restricted areas is not a good thing, this behavior will come to a minimum.

The main reason dogs dig is because they are bored and have the excess of energy. One way to minimize these dog problems is to give them enough exercise and companion before it becomes one of the Dog Problems.


Dogs have to bark occasionally to let you know that something is happening it’s the way they communicate, but when they start barking for the sake of it, you have one of the Dog Problems and you should take care of it right away.

Dogs should bark in some situations like when in danger when it needs to go outside or keep other animals away. Simple training is very helpful when trying to control barking issues, teach your dog to bark and stop barking on your command to have more control on your dog’s baking.


Chewing behavior is also one of Dogs Problems to deal with. Dogs chew by instinct develop when teething and you have to understand that doesn’t matter what you do they will always chew on things.

The goal here is to provide chewing object to your dog being a puppy so they will have the habit to just chew into the right objects as they get older and avoid chewing as one of the Dog Problems.