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Among the many pet animals, reared by the people as a tension releasing mechanism or as a token of posh living, cats occupy an important position. Scientifically name as Felis Catus, there are different breeds of cats. The life span of a male, newborn, domesticated cat varies between 12 to 14 years. Its weight is about 4 to 5 kgs. The gestation period of many breeds range around 66 days on an average.

Popular-Cat-BreedsThe breeds of the cats will depend on the country (US/ UK/ Thailand/ Greece), origin (natural/ standard/ cross breeding/ mutation), body type (oriental/ moderate/ cobby), coat (short/ semi-long/ long), pattern (bi colored/ tri-colored/ spotted/ color point) , hair As per the cat registries, which record the established and recognized cat breeds, there are countless breeds, about 90, (more than 40 breeds are there as per the registry of Cat Fanciers’ Association; there are also other breeds, crossing 30) Such breeds include domestic breeds and also wild/ domestic hybrids.

Such breeds do not include the experimental breeds or new breeds or lapsed breeds and many domestic populations. There are many registries like International Cat Association or Cat Fanciers’ Association and each one has their own norms for classification of breeds and there are bound to be inconsistencies in the classification of breeds. Also, the domestic shorthair cats and domestic longhair cats are not considered as breeds.

Persians, Siamese, Ragdolls, Maine Coon, Burmese, American/ Exotic shorthair are some very popular breeds of cats. There are many cat breeds, which are very rare. Site like this one help you know more about them. Some breeds require lesser maintenance and some other requires frequent maintenances like brushing.

Some cat breeds are aloof/ independent; some or vocal breeds and some only are people pets. Some breeds have history over millions of years. For example, Japanese Bobtail breed has history of about 4000 years.


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