How To Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy This Summer

As the weather warms up, it’ll be time to let your dog roam the outdoors again. If you typically let your pup out while you’re away for the day at work, there are several things you can do to keep him safe and content as he soaks up the sunshine.

Keep Pests Away

The spring and summer seasons typically mark the return of several unwanted insects out in the backyard. Exercise safe mosquito control and natural tick removal, so you can give your dog protection from bites without any harmful health consequences. This also benefits you when it’s time to come home at the end of the day.

Create a Shaded Retreat

During the hottest points of the day, your pet may want to get out of the sun and cool off. A dog door provides easy access back into the house where the temperature is more controlled. If this isn’t an option, a dog house is a great idea so that your pup can have a place to rest in the shade.

Supply Drinking Water

Hot weather can lead to thirst, and proper hydration is crucial to your dog’s wellbeing. Deep bowls can hold a good volume of liquid but be sure to leave several sources of water throughout the outdoor space, just in case one gets knocked over.

Provide Enough Entertainment

Even though your dog may spend much of the day sleeping and eating, there will likely be some time left to fill. You should leave your playful pal lots of ways to have a little fun. Some examples might be puzzles that offer a treat reward or durable chew toys that can last for hours. Also make sure your dog has plenty of room to run around.

When your pet is safe, comfortable and entertained, you’ll have no reason to worry while you’re off at work. A happy dog may be even more excited to see you when you walk back through the door.