Important Facts You Should Know About Kittens

Domestic animals have been a center of attraction for various people for years. Most people find dogs in people’s home but it is quite interesting to know that cats are the most popular pets around the world.

There are some interesting facts about kittens that one should know.


A cat gives birth to two to five kittens at a time. They are called kittens, not cubs.

Like every newborn baby, even kittens are totally helpless when they are born. It takes a lot of time to open their eyes.

Mother’s milk is important for kittens; it helps them in fighting diseases. However, people who buy kittens can feed them with canned or packaged milk like soy milk in baby sippers and bottles.

A domestic cat/kitten loves to play with toys and little things. Some cats and kittens even chase the foot of people and play with it. They are extremely flexible and get into where ever they want to.

When it comes to grooming, some of the hairless cats breeds like Sphynx cat and kittens need extra care. Due to their hairless skin, it is important that you clean them often and take strict precautions regarding their hygiene.

A kitten takes an average of 13- 14 hours of sleep to get the energy. Also, their senses are very powerful. They can smell from a nice distance, their vision improves at night light and they have a huge hearing power.

A kitten takes a year to become a cat. According to experts, these domestic animals must be kept indoors as at times male cats and other wild cats tend to attack the kittens for prey. Purchasing a kitten is a nice thing but one must be sure that the kitten is at least eight weeks old.

A cat lives for 14-15 years. It is utterly important to give vaccination to the kitten when it is 2- 3 months old. It helps in keeping the cat healthy and the owners free from diseases caused by cat fur as well.