Importance of Choosing the Best Dog Bite Lawyer

It is a terrifying situation to be chased and bitten by a canine, but it is a nightmare of many joggers. You may see some joggers carrying sticks to avoid these terrifying encounters. If a dog does attack you, it is vital that you hire an experienced dog bite lawyer who has specialization in personal injury cases. Dog bite laws vary from one state to another. In some states, victim can get compensation for bite from the dog’s owner’s homeowner insurance policy.

Based on state laws, the level of liability can vary because of the court decisions, state statutes and city ordinances. There are 3 major deciding elements determining blame in a canine bite that include statutory liability, negligence and the one bite rule.

If you able to locate the right Riverside dog bite lawyer, people other than the dog owner can be held liable. For eg: employer of a dog owner, a landlord who responded improperly in making his property free from a dangerous animal. Most dog bite cases include some kind of negligence.

You may see a dog running in a public event unsupervised or suddenly lost control during a walk and bites a person. This kind of situations is considered as general negligence by the dog owner. A landlord is found guilty of negligence when he know that a violent pit-bull is residing on this property and he remain silent about this to the tenants.

Dog owners find guilty of negligence when they breaches an animal control law, such as leash laws or laws against canine trespassing a private property. This kind of negligence is called ‘negligence per se’. Apart from being liable for injuries, a dog owner will also be imposed with punishment fines for breaching the laws. Hence, to represent your situation expertly before the court, you will want to hire an experienced dog bite lawyer.