Hygienic and Fitting Washable Dog Diapers for your Pets

Dogs, like men and women, are also exposed to the same kind of natural bodily disturbances like excitable urination, incontinence, seasonal flows, etc. So, the pet loving people take that much care for the dogs as they take for themselves through a simple solution – washable dog diapers.

Dog-DiapersWhen the dogs grow older, they may suffer incontinence i.e. lose control over their urinary bladder or bowel. Also, during travels, urination is a problem for them. The dog diapers, besides keeping them clean, also keep the surroundings like the carpets, furniture and the floor clean. The diaper is generally made of good quality materials.

Comfort is ensured through breathable, soft and stretchable plaid flannel or microfiber fabric materials. Some diapers use denim for outer garments. Some diapers contain material that is used in baby diapers. Care is taken to see that the cloth does not create any scratch on the skin of the dog.

To arrest leakage, super absorbent mesh lining is given and hence they are leaf proof. The closures are elastic and adjustable or repositionable e.g. velcro closure/ fur friendly fasteners with the aim of ensuring a secure and stay-put fit, especially in the strategic parts like tail openings. Another advantage is that it prevents any unhygienic harm for those dogs which are used to chew and bite their rears. The outer shell is waterproof.

Washable dog diapers comes in different sizes like normal, XL, extra large, etc., to suit every dog, which may be lean or bulky or normal, short or small. They come in different attractive colors and designs. They are durable. They are easily washable by hand or machine washable. The price tags of those diapers are also in different ranges, basing on qualities.

There are separate diapers for male and female dogs respectively. For male dogs, the diapers may have a wider base and longer waistline so that they set well for their anatomy. The diapers are wrapped around the belly and the back of the male dogs, using a strong velcro closure. The diapers/ pads for female are to be changed as frequently as possible and washed.

Your care to your dog through quality washable dog diapers will enable it to live healthy and happily. So why not get them the best they deserve.

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