How To Start A Pet Sitting Business

So, you’re fed up with the 9 to 5 grind and working with an unreasonable boss. You’ve thought about starting a business but have abandoned the idea because you fear that you may end up working with the same demanding customers.

Not so fast. How about if your customers were furry canine and feline friends? You’ve always loved animals so how about starting a pet sitting business? Sound too good to be true? Not really.

Pet-Sitting-BusinessWith little or no capital, you can start your own pet sitting business and, if you’re motivated enough, you can grow it into a lucrative concern in no time! Here’s how…

You already know you will be providing pet sitting services, but the first step you need to determine is whether or not you will be a “specialist” sitter or not. For example, do you only take care of dogs? Do you look after a whole range of animals? Or are you more of a cat sitter?

Nowadays, there is a great demand for pet sitting services, so, if you prove yourself to be very good, you may find yourself inundated with work. This is why it is important to decide on which services you will be offering. Pet Sitting Raleigh NC ( is a great example of a pet sitting business that has succeeded in this field.

Marketing, marketing, marketing. Get the word out that you have started a pet sitting business and advertize as widely as possible. A good start would be at local veterinary clinics – ask them if you may post an advertisement on their notice board, even if you have to pay them a nominal fee. Advertize in local magazines, newspapers, school newsletters and forums. Since pet sitting is mostly a community business, local marketing is very effective.

Word of mouth has a surprisingly powerful effect and many of your clients will come via this avenue. Do not be afraid to toot your own horn!

Creating a website for your pet sitting business is a great idea and there are many inexpensive tools available on the Internet for building your own basic website.

Decide upon a reasonable rate for your pet sitting services. Think long and hard on this one because, while it may be tempting to charge low rates in the beginning to attract customers, you will be the only one losing out in the end. Aim for somewhere in the middle, as long as all your expenses are covered and you are making a profit.

In the excitement of the first few months of starting your pet sitting business and gaining your first clients, do not forget the boring stuff, such as accounting and legal cover. Most pet sitting businesses have home offices and you will need to have a room or corner in your house dedicated to your new business.

Ensure that your invoices and receipts are all filed neatly and correctly because the last thing you need is a nasty surprise from the IRS. You may also want draw up a very short template contract so that whenever you have a new job, both you and your client are 100% clear on what is expected from each other.

In the second decade of the 21st century, life has become exceptionally time-consuming, thus creating a great demand for pet sitters. Why not take advantage of a wonderful business opportunity?