Houseplants That Are Poisonous For Your Pet Felines

Many houses contain natural greenery or vegetation to instill beauty and add freshness to the decor. Several varieties of plants also act as air cleaners. Unfortunately, there are several varieties that are hazardous in nature. Poisonous floral breeds have few chemical components and if eaten, it can produce severe allergic reactions, poisoning, and even skin irritations. Animals are sensitive to such decorative ferns or mosses. When beautifying home, identify the toxic properties of the herbs or shrubs that can be a threat to children and pets. In the case of any problem, it is best to consult a doctor.

HouseplantsLovely African Violets

African violets are one of the prettiest house-decorating plants. In fact, cats enjoy chewing the foliage of the plant. Violets are appealing for most of the gardeners all around the world. They are available in a variety of colors such as white, pink, and blue. You easily grow them. Provide proper sunlight and ample water to raise the beautiful petals and pretty flowers. Many felines love chewing the stems, blooms, or leaves of this plant. Are African Violets poisonous to cats? Although listed as non-poisonous for cats, they cause mild illness like nausea.

Precautions and measures associated

Use fertilizers that are not harmful to your pet. Systemic insecticides are toxic in nature. If consumed, it can cause poisoning as well. Continuous consumption of the insecticide may result in dehydration or even death. Always watch your pet for any changed behavior like excessive salivation, incontinence or tearing. In case the feline shows any such symptoms, consider consulting a veterinary doctor immediately. Mild insecticides or fertilizers do not cause much harm to the animals. It is advisable to discourage your pet from snacking on the flowers. Provide her alternative snacks like grass. Fresh, specially formulated grass for cats is available at pet stores. To stop them from chewing the leaves or stems, you can spray bitter apple fragrance over the plant.