Tips for Choosing Healthy Pet Treats for Your Cats and Dogs

Have you ever wondered why your pets blindly go ahead and obey you for a small exchange of a treat that is just nutrients and nothing else?

It is something that you are providing them in the form of food every day, then why a sudden change of behavior for that small and tiny pet treats?

It is as there is an ingredient that is often seen in most of the pet treats that are fed to the pets as a part of a reward or to show love which in simple terms may be expressed as ‘sugar’.

This is known to have a negative effect on the pet and it also reduces the life span of the pets.


The pets are just like humans when it comes to having a sweet tooth, they cannot resist the small sweet treat they get. The sugar that is present in the eateries is known to create cravings and makes the pets addicted to the product.

It is also a great marketing or sales strategy as the pets then stop responding to other products which do not have this sugar content. They crave and demand these products which are high in these sugars.

Whenever you are buying any of the products make sure that you give a good read to the ingredients and if you find anything alarming don’t buy that treat for your pet.

What to look for in the ingredients?

When you are on the quest of finding healthy pet treats and food for your pets then look for sugar, corn syrup, sucrose, fructose, dextrose, maltodextrin, etc. If they are named in the ingredients they represent sugar content which may get addictive to the pet.

According to an article on this website, pet food should be chosen very wisely as the sugar content in pet food and treats are the main reason for the pet getting obese. If not stopped at the right time it may even lead to excessive weight gain that can be risky in a long term.

There are many known problems that are seen with obesity which are arthritis, diabetes, and blood pressure problems which have a direct impact on the quality of life and the life span.

Along with the whole ingredients make sure that you check for the calories that are present in one piece of the treat.

This is most of the time not mentioned and thus we live in oblivion to the fact that how many calories we are feeding the pet with the treatment that they so happily divulge in. Thus, one should always opt for something that is more natural and which will not involve any negative health issues.

There is a lack of government oversight and scientific evidence when it comes to pet food and thus a lot of brands are able to do business their ways which may not be in consensus to what you demand your pet.

It is thus widely important that you look for the right ingredients, have an attentive mind when it comes to either buying or feeding your pets, and always be on the outlook for achieving something that is healthy rather than just a gimmick of the providers.

Author Bio: Kris has years of experience in pet care and health. He is often seen writing product reviews and suggesting the right kind of food and supplements for pets.