Tips to Grow Your Pet Tadpoles and Frogs

Tadpoles have gone on to become one of the favorite pets of all time. Today, there are a lot of families that prefer having pet tadpoles. The reason they are becoming hot favorites to pick as a pet is their requirements and needs are next to basics and having them at home will have an educational experience for your kids to see them grow up in frogs.

By raising pet tadpoles, you not only witness a remarkable transformation but you bring more into the world. Though having tadpoles as a pet, know that they are highly susceptible to chlorine water and apart from this there are other simple things that require taking care of.

However, before having pet tadpoles, you need to check whether your law allows them to keep them as pets. In some states, the law does not allow them to grow from other than the natural environment. When you are ready, you can check online for some good frog names for your pet.

To have pet tadpoles, you will need to make an appropriate arrangement for them to grow healthily. You will require a wide-mouth jar/container. The container should be big enough that a tadpole can move easily feeling a natural environment. You can pick from the following things like a kid’s plastic tub, garden pond, wading pool, or an aquarium.

Have those tadpoles placed outdoors; it gives the feeling of a natural environment. Though, it should not be placed in direct sunlight, but rather under partial.  You can put small rocks, leaves, and gravel at the bottom of the container. Also, do not fill the container entirely, as tadpoles are in shallow water.

Being herbivores category tadpoles feed on spinach and lettuce. You won’t find any difficulty in feeding your pet tadpoles. All you have to do is take care is freeze the food first and then thaw them. This makes it easier for them to eat. Feed them small meals, like twice a day. Keeping them in the water requires a bit of care, as they are not acquainted with chlorine water so you need to mix them equally. Make sure that the chlorine level is not good for tadpoles thus it is recommended that you maintain the ratio properly.