Grooming Tips for Your Yorkie

Yorkshire terrier is also known as Yorkie is one of the commonly raised miniature dogs. The name comes from the area of Yorkshire in England. This dog breed was produced through the intentional cross-breeding of a wide range of terriers.

The average size of a Yorkie ranges between three to seven pounds in weight. Therefore, the combination of its size and terrier qualities makes one of the beautiful lap dogs and a cute pet addition for your family today.

Yorkie comes in different colors such as black & tan, blue & tan, black & gold, and gold. They may look small in size but their personality is elegant.

To retain its beautiful look ensure you follow the grooming tips for your pet Yorkie. They need to be bathed every day. Their coat must be brushed and combed daily without fail so you retain its elegance.

You can shampoo wash but too much shampooing may cause Yorkie’s skin to get dried. Make sure to remove any leftover shampoo and conditioner otherwise these particles would cause a wax texture. This may cause irritation on the skin of your pet.

When bathing your pet ensure they are not brushed too hard and often. If brushed too many times their coat is likely to be weakened and hence lose its hairs. Their hairs need to be combed daily to retain their silkiness and straightness.

You need to brush and comb the coat directly before and after a bath. You need to follow this to ensure there is no tangle formed.

When it gets wet it becomes more difficult to remove the tangles. Never use any human beauty products on your pet and use a canine bath brush that suits yorkie’s breed.

Yorkie is one of the dogs that are taken to dogs’ shows and competitions due to its elite personality. The attention elements of Yorkie in dog shows are its grace, beauty, and hairstyle when compared to other dog breeds.

Their coat is fine, silk, long, glossy, and straight. Though they are cut in various styles it is generally trimmed to floor length to give it a clean and stylish appearance.