Goldstock, an annual gathering of hundreds of Golden Retrievers and the people whom they rescue

In this documentary we get to see the story of two individuals who were inspired by a golden retriever camp that cares for Golden retrievers and looks after them so that they can enjoy the time in a wide space of land.

The story begins with two individuals who have set aside time so that they can help to keep the area known as gold stock running so that it can continue to care for the wide range of golden retrievers that are based in the area. There are 200 golden retrievers that are being cared for and the organisation focuses on raising money so that the golde retrievers can be cared for on a regular basis. This video shows that area and outlines the wide range of golden retrievers that are based in the area.

Dog Camp Movie

In the video we get to hear the stories of some of the dogs that have made it to the area. We also get to meet the individuals who care for the dogs. One story tells of a dog who was admitted to the site with a large tumor growing on his body. This was removed and could only have been done due to the caring nature of those who work on the site.

The site features a massive expanse with large rolling hills and massive greenery that offers the perfect location for the animals to spend their time. This location is also focused on helping individuals who have learning issues and acts as a place for these individuals so that they can develop and learn.

The main aim of the site and of this video is to raise money for the dogs that are based at the site and the two presenters on the video explain how they have decided to create a song and a video so as to raise money for this organisation. There is also the discussion of more developments that are taking place so as to help the wonderful golden retrievers.