Five Common Reasons Dogs Visit the Vet

If you own a dog, there’s a good chance you take it to the vet at least once a year. Finding a vet that you and your dog trust is important.

Once your dog gets to know a particular vet, it can make routine visits a bit less stressful for your pet. Checkout five common reasons that dogs visit a veterinarian.

1- A Yearly Physical

Dogs need a yearly physical just as people do. The purpose of a physical is so your vet can suggest things that can help you improve your dog’s overall health.

For instance, during a physical your vet may point out that your dog weighs a little more than it should.

So, he or she gives you a few suggestions on how to change the dog’s diet, so it can lose some pounds. The vet will check your dog for worms during a routine physical.

It’s likely your vet will direct you on how to buy dog worming tablets online so you can keep your dog free of worms. If you want to keep your dog in excellent health, taking it in for a physical every year is a good start!

2- Vaccinations

Another common reason why dogs visit the vet is for vaccinations. Dogs are vaccinated for rabies, distemper and parvovirus.

Even if your dog stays inside and isn’t exposed to other dogs, it still needs to be vaccinated. The number and frequency of vaccinations depends on the age of your dog and its health needs.

3- Treatment of an Injury

Dogs that are active and energetic are especially prone to suffering an injury. For instance, while walking in the woods, a dog may step on a sharp stick or rock, hurting its paw. Sometimes this type of injury requires stitches at a vet’s office.

A vet may see several dogs per year that have gotten into fights with other dogs and sustained injuries. Whenever there is bleeding or a deep cut, a vet needs to assess the injury to determine the necessary treatment.

In addition, a follow up visit to the vet is necessary to check on the condition of stitches or to checkout how well a wound is healing.

4- Pregnancy

Just as a pregnant woman sees a doctor, so should a pregnant dog. This is another common reason why dogs visit the vet. A vet can check the health of the mother and her babies.

Also, a vet can prescribe vitamins and special supplements to help the owner keep his or her pregnant dog in good health. If there is a problem with the pregnant dog, a vet can determine the best course of action to help the mother dog feel better.

Sometimes an owner who is new to dog breeding can find out valuable information from a vet on how to help care for the new puppies when they arrive.

5- Respiratory Issues

Dogs can suffer from respiratory issues due to allergies or germs they pick up from the environment or other dogs. Many respiratory conditions are very contagious and travel quickly between dogs in close proximity. One example is a condition known as kennel cough.

This is a quickly spreading respiratory illness that got its name because it is a familiar condition of dogs and cats that are in animal shelters. Fortunately, a vet can prescribe medicine to cure kennel cough. With the right treatment it clears up in a week or two. Vets can prescribe medicine to dogs that have allergies as well.

Finally, these are just five examples of typical reasons for a dog’s visit to the vet. Some dogs have special conditions that need regular treatment from a responsible vet. Like humans, each dog has its own medical history with changes that happen over time. Seeing a vet helps to keep your dog in the best of health.