Fishing tips and tricks for beginners – How To Get Started With Fishing!

Any fishing enthusiast or lover must know some basic Fishing tips and tricks. You will have to keep in mind that the fishery is more than just throwing out a fishing line with bait and luring in some fish. The better you fish, the better you get in catching some fish.

For this, every beginner level fisher needs to know some essential fishing etiquette. This article was written to provide beginners with some basic fishing tips and tricks. If you can master the following basic fishing rules, in no time you will become an expert fisher.

Research is the key to good fishing

Don’t just jump into fishing without knowing the basics. Try to keep an idea of what you are doing. See if you are using the right lure for the right fish.  Map out the area you have decided to fish in.

You could also take advice from other expert fishers you know, to get a clearer perspective about fishing. The only thing you will need is passion and determination.

 Get the right equipment for fishing

If you are a beginner, never start with an open-faced fishing reel. They are just not designed for a beginner level Fisher. There are special rods and reels designed for beginners, which are very simple and easy to use.

Choose the right location for fishing

The ideal places to test your fishing skills are places where fish often live around. Not all types of fish can be found in a single location. Different types of fish choose various locations to live in. Some will swim around the surface, while others near the bottom or the side of a river or lake.

Different fishing baits suit different fish types

Not all fishing lures are perfect for all kinds of fish. Some fishes are attracted to only specific fishing baits or lures. For example, catfish are only attracted to bait like raw chicken liver or baits made specifically for them. Brim fish, on the other hand, are attracted to bait made of insects like crickets. Don’t waste your time with the wrong fishing bait.

Weather check is a must

One of the main factors of making a fishing trip successful is checking the weather. One can fish the best during an overcast sky. That’s when most fishers fish during, be it a beginner or expert level Fisher.

Dress appropriately for fishing expeditions

Dressing the right way plays a huge role in fishing. You will always be required to stay near water, so it’s better if you wear some boots. Also try to wear layers of clothing, as the weather tends to change drastically. People with long hair should tie them up properly during fishing.

Bring food for yourself

Fishing takes time. Sometimes it even takes a whole day to get a fish to bite your lure. It’s better you bring some food along with you for lunch time. Not a full course meal though. Light snacks like chips and sandwiches will do just fine.

Avoid bringing children along

Keep children away from your fishing area. They might make you lose concentration during fishing, and you might mess up.

Get a proper fishing license

Some fishing areas might require proper permission or license to fish in. You don’t want to be caught fishing in the area you’re not allowed to fish in. Moreover, a fishing license will let you fish freely in any area. There is a certain age requirement to get a fishing license though.

Take along a bug spray

Mosquitoes and insects might disturb you during fishing. Rivers and lakes are places which are mostly mosquito and insect infested. Take along a bug spray to get rid of them. A bug spray will help you to stay away from the itching that might distract you during fishing.

Acquire the right fishing rod and reel

Smaller rods and reels are perfect for fishing. Getting the right road and reel is one of the most valuable fishing tips and tricks. Basically, there are 2 types of rod and reels- spinning reels and bait cast reels. A medium length size pole is perfect for beginners. Beginners are suggested to use spinning reels as they spool perpendicularly and make fishing easier.

Choose the perfect

Get the proper hook and line for the pole you have acquired. Loose poles go well with light gauge. The smaller your line, the more fish you will be able to catch. Nowadays there are hooks available that suit any type of fish. It’s an important fishing tip and tricks you should keep in mind.

Don’t catch small fishes

Some fishing organizations won’t allow you to catch certain fish and bring them to the brink of extinction. They especially warn fisher’s not to catch small fish. Always try to measure the length of the fish you catch. If it is too small, it is a better idea to let it go.

Try using a kayak for fishing

Kayak fishing is perfect for beginners who can’t afford a big boat. They are very affordable and light in weight, making them easy to transport from place to place. They also help you reach places you can’t reach by walking.

Be confident and have patience

Fishing is a long and lengthy process. Always be sure about what you are throwing into the water to lure fish. Be patient enough to not lose your cool if it takes the time to attract and catch fish. It’s one of the best fishing tips and tricks we can give you.


Practice is what will make you perfect. The fishing tips and tricks we have mentioned above are specifically designed for beginner’s who are just getting into fishing or want to get into the fishing hobby. As we have mentioned earlier, the better you fish, the more you can catch.

And so, to get better in fishing the above fishing tips and tricks have to be followed by a heart. So grab your fishing gear and head out to fish now!