Dress And Accessorize Your Pup To The Nines With Fido Saves The Earth

Looking for the perfect look for your pet?

When it comes to your dog’s accessories, you probably spend hours looking for the perfect style you love—but do you ever think about what your leashes and collars are made of? Online lifestyle dog boutique Fido Saves The Earth has and they’re stocked with an amazing selection of eco-friendly and fashionable products both you and your pup will love.

Whether you want a few long-lasting hemp dog collars or a spirited team dog jersey for game day, Fido Saves The Earth is stocked with fun dog accessories for pups large and small.

pet collar

Custom Dog Collars

Fido Saves The Earth carries A Bee’s Hive custom, USA-made dog leashes and collars. With carefully selected ribbons sewn onto the most durable nylon dog collars, they are sure to have a style you’ll love. And because they are handmade to order in the States, you know their production is ethical.

With adorable prints from caterpillars to shooting stars, you’ll add a whimsical touch to your walks. Each piece is handcrafted to your dog’s specifications, ensuring the best possible fit for comfort and performance. Made from high-quality materials, these collars and leashes are safe to use on sensitive skin and will stand up to the wear and tear of even the most rambunctious dogs.

Leashes and collars that are kind to Mother Nature

Know how comfortable an afternoon laying in a hemp hammock is? That’s how comfortable our handmade hemp dog collars and leashes are when your pup wears them. Hemp is not only incredibly comfortable; hemp fibers are also extremely durable and sustainable.

Hemp may take little time and resources to regrow, but it’s final product can last for years to come. You can even customize them with your favorite color hardware for a personal touch. We have collars, leashes, and even harnesses in all sizes so you can get the perfect fit for every dog in the family. However if you have a special shaped pup, Fido Saves The Earth takes special requests and will do their best to accommodate your needs.

Woof for the home team

If you’ve been looking for the perfect way to include your beloved pet in the game day fun, Fido Saves The Earth has the best selection of NBA, MLB and NFL dog jerseys that represent teams from all across the US and from several different sports. Whether you watch MLB on the east coast or have a favorite NFL team out west, we have a jersey for your fandom. Just don’t forget to go out back and toss the ball with Fido after the game!