Dr. Jennifer Woll – Specialized Veterinary Doctor Giving Best Care to your Pets

Dr. Jennifer Woll is a passionate animal loving woman and also an accomplished veterinary medicine professional. Jennifer presently works as an emergency doctor of Veterinary Medicine in Lisle, Illinois. Dr. Woll is known for offering emergency health care for pets for around 15 years. She is also known for offering service for overnight hours when usually doctors are not available for treating sick animals. Before, beginning her career in the field of emergency veterinary, Dr. Woll worked as an Associate Veterinarian with Carol Stream Animal Hospital for three years.

In her academic career, Dr. Jennifer Woll has completed her degree of Bachelor Of Arts (BA) in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Illinois College in January 1993. She also received her degree in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University Of Illinois College Of Veterinary Medicine in the same year. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Benedictine University at Lisle, Illinois and an Associate degree in Business from the College of Duphage.

Before starting her career as an emergency veterinarian, Dr. Jennifer Woll spent three years of her career as an Associate Veterinarian with Carol Stream Animal Hospital in Carol Stream Illinois. As a veterinarian, with years of experience she is the owner and as well as a founder of Dr. J’s Perfect Dolls a cattery based unit which is situated towards the west of Chicago. Dr. J’s Perfect Dolls, is a cattery based unit which is specialized in breeding a special cats called “Ragdoll Kittens”.

She began her professional career as a Veterinarian from January 1995 in a company named Aurora, IL Veterinary Clinic in Aurora, IL and worked there for around 3 years till January 1998. Following this, she joined the company named Emergency Veterinary Services in Lisle Illinois as a veterinarian. For almost fifteen years Dr. Woll provided emergency health care services to sick pets during night hours when busy and traditional veterinary professionals are not available to treat sick animals.

As a owner and founder of Dr. J’s Perfect Dolls, Dr. Jennifer Woll strictly follows the medical guidelines set forth by the Association Of Feline Practitioners and the Veterinary Medical Association which is very important to ensure for the safety and security regarding the health of the pet animals. At Dr. J’s Perfect Dolls, under the strict and caring supervision of Dr. Jennifer Woll, the experienced veterinary medicine professionals perform the routine check up on sick animals like cats.

Here, Dr. Woll performs medical screening for FIV, FELV, kidney diseases and also for internal and external parasites. Here, the cats those who are sick also undergo cardiac ultrasounds check for any cardiac diseases. At Dr. J’s Perfect Dolls, Dr. Woll works daily to ensure that each kitten will grow to be healthy. Therefore, Dr. Jennifer Woll , has created a name as a passionate veterinarian who is exemplified by her decade long career as a dedicated veterinary doctor and also a “Ragdoll” cat breeder. With the expert guidance and care of Dr. Woll by your side, you can ensure a healthy upbringing of your pet.