Dog Training: The Basic Commands

A well-trained dog will make a better family companion, especially if you have young children. A lot of studies have proven that proper dog training has reduced the number of problems and cases related to dog behaviors.

Dogs are animals, that’s the fact, and you cannot expect an animal to develop its own good behavior.

They need proper training, and don’t assume that dog training should only be done by a certified dog trainer, in fact all dog owners should have the capability to be dog trainers, at least for their own dogs.

Playing with dog

It doesn’t mean that you should be able to become a dog whisperer or a professional dog trainer, but at least you should have the capability to train your dog to obey when you tell him to do something or when you forbid him to do something.

That’s why it’s important for you to know how to train your dog to obey some important basic commands in dog training.

Here are some of those basic commands that you need to teach your dog:

  1. Heel

It’s important that your dog can remain calm when you take him out for a walk and that he’s walking right beside you, not dragging you ahead or lagging behind.

  1. No

This is something that every dog must learn. Your dog must learn how to respond properly to this word, it will save you a lot of trouble.

  1. Sit

This simple command is a very useful one.

  1. Stay

This is also something that can save you a lot of trouble, your dog should be able to understand this command and stay wherever you want him to.

  1. Down

This might seem like a cute trick, but this is one of the key components of a dog training success. It’s showing that your dog can completely obey you and trust you.

These all just seem like some simple insignificant commands, but these are actually very important things for your dog to learn.

These five basic commands are the first things you will learn at a dog trainer school. Any dog trainer should understand these basics to be able to shape a dog’s behavior to become more controllable and obedient.

An untrained dog often think that he’s the boss or the pack leader, that’s why it doesn’t obey you, instead he wants you to obey him.

This is not the kind of situation that any dog owner would want. A dog should now that he has an owner. An owner who loves him but at the same time also has a strong leadership that can be assertive.

The whole point of these dog training tips is to train your dog to recognize who the pack leader is and who to obey.

By making your dog understands these simple commands, you can establish yourself as an important figure with a higher authority to your dog.

The good thing is, these are not the kind of training that can only be done in a dog training school, you can simply do it yourself at home.