Tame Your Dog with Dog Chew Toys

Imagine that beautiful sofa you just bought yesterday or that plush, velvety carpet from Turkey you received as a gift torn into shreds by your dog! Now that’s unfortunate, but beating your furry buddy won’t do well at all.

Dogs are chewers and love to play with just about anything even that dirty old pair of socks you hid under your bed; however, there are also dogs who simply love demolishing things.

Dog Chew Toys

There are two types of chewers; aggressive and non-aggressive. On one hand, a non-aggressive chewer will simply nibble a toy or anything he considers a toy.

On the other hand, the aggressive chewer chews everything, be it dog toys for aggressive chewers or something valuable, with gusto.

These dogs are usually heavily muscled dogs such as Pit Bulls, Mastiffs, Labradors, Rottweiler and the like. On rare occasions, there are small dogs too who love to chomp down things until he breaks them into bits and pieces.

If your dog is an aggressive chewer, it is time to take action and stop him from destruction.

Whether your dog is a nibbler or a chopper, dogs always differ as to why and how often they chew stuff. If your dog is teething, this is absolutely natural and temporary.

Also, if you have a Labrador, know that they love to chew things randomly and frequently because they are just Labradors. Dogs may need to chew exaggeratedly because of stress, frustration, medical problems, and lack of exercise.

First off, it is very crucial that you determine which factor triggered him to do so. And whatever the reason, keeping your dog preoccupied with dog toys for aggressive chewers is highly recommended. Introduce the toys to your dog by playing with it with your dog.

Once he settles on playing with his dog toys, you must always praise your dog. It is highly advised that you must not give three to five toys; otherwise, he may think everything is a toy.

So, what are these dog toys for aggressive chewers?

It may be tempting to just let your dog play fetch with wood or gather dirty, old clothes because it won’t cost you a penny, but no, you must not.

Give your dog gum bones instead. Soak gum bones in beef or chicken broth and it will become a tasty treat for your playful furry buddy.

He can eat it bit by bit. You may also give him sterilized marrowbones, cow hooves, and bully chews. Bull chews are dried penises of, well, obviously bulls but your dog will surely love them; so you got to love them too!

To effectively exhaust your dog, freeze your marrowbones first. This will definitely tire out your furry chopper.

If you have tried all these but still nothing works, then you may opt for something indestructible such as deer antlers.

Deer antlers will last forever, but it may take you forever to find them as well. Hence, buying dog toys for aggressive chewers is the best option.

There are tons of dog toys sold at online retailers like luxurella.store/pets/, and when you make purchases online, you can make sure that you get what you exactly want by carefully reading reviews.

Buying dog toys from a reputable brand is a great choice for your hardcore chewer as only a few brands are known to provide the best dog toys for aggressive chewers.