Do Your Dog And Puppies Require Vitamin Supplements?

The pet dog’s diet comprises of raw meat, fresh green vegetables and protein supplements. According to many vets vitamins and minerals should be the essential parts of a dog diet. The vitamin and mineral supplements control many processes in the pet’s body. The vitamins control the regulation of heartbeat, increase blood circulation and enhance transport of nutrients to various parts of the body.

The mineral and vitamin components also control the neural activity. High-quality pet foods are formulated to give the dogs all the essential nutrients to stay fit and healthy.

Some dogs have special requirements like improving the immune system and make the digestion better. In such case, dogs and puppies are given special formulated pet diet that contains good proportions of vitamins and minerals.

Many dog owners have claimed that vitamin supplements of dogs and puppies have helped the pets to overcome chronic problems or have minimized the chances of microbial infections. Some of the veterinary doctors claim that these supplements have chances to lower future pet diseases.

But in certain cases, vets suggest the pet owners not to give many vitamins and herbs additionally in the diet. They are sometimes dangerous to the health of the pet. Some veterinary doctors say that most of the processed dog foods have lost their nutritional levels. The supplements, that are mixed to make the processed commercial diet, have lower nutritional value.

In such case, giving the dogs additional vitamins and mineral supplements is a good choice. Or you can even feed your pet dog with good quality fresh fruits that are high in minerals and vitamins.For some additional information about the fruits dogs can eat, you can check here.

Though minerals and vitamins are required in very less amount in the body, but their presence is very important. Deficiency in these minor nutrients may put a bad effect in the pet’s body.

The deficiencies are minor to detect from outside. But if your pets are given less amount of minor nutrients constantly, they will surely suffer from diseases. Giving the dogs additional doses of minor nutrients can make the pets stronger and healthier and is thus most recommended.