Different Types Of Pet Reptiles To Choose From

The popularity of pet reptiles is increasing day by day, and there are different types of it from which you can choose your favorite one. Depending on your time, affordability, provision for the right environment you may choose a lizard or a snake, but make sure you make the right choice.

Corn Snake

It may sound a bit strange, but you can have a corn snake as a pet as it is very easy to handle and quiet by nature. You get a variety of attractive colors and patterns, and pet reptiles shop owners highly recommend it as well. You simply need to have a well maintained and heated enclosure to enjoy such non-venomous reptile which needs to be fed with freshly killed or live mice.

Ball Python  

Do not be confused about the name as Ball Python are the smallest of this species and is a good pet to keep at home. It hardly grows more than 120 cm in length. It has a very attractive appearance with different marks and colors on its body. There is no fear of its attacking as it curls like a ball when it feels threatened, and thereby gets the name.

Leopard Gecko

This is supposed to be the most popular pet reptiles which are liked for the irregularly patterned skin. It does not grow more than 28 cm and also weighs less than 65 grams. Requiring a little living space and feeding on the insects and spiders, it is the bet pet to keep your house free from insects as well. Care should be taken in handling it as it has got a very fragile tail. If you decide to keep two of it, then choose a male and a female as two males can engage in a fight often.

Australian Dragon Pogona 

This captive bred bearded pet is very gentle and friendly by nature. It does not grow more than two feet and is available in tan or yellow color. It is a unique creature as the skin around the neck flares up when it is threatened and thereby gets the name as Barded Dragon. It is omnivorous by nature and can live up to ten years. Care should be taken for its health as it is very prone to sickness.

Blue Tongue Skink

The blue tongue of this reptile gives it a unique appearance which is a scaring mechanism in it. You do not need to take much care for it, and the only thing is that like the Bearded Dragon, this requires a large enclosure as it can grow up to two feet in length. Other unique features of this reptile are that it does not lay eggs like others but give birth to babies. It can live up to 20 years on an omnivorous diet but is also known to eat small stones which help in digestion.

Monitor Lizard

This one of the most fabulous looking pet reptiles. It is best not to acquire such reptiles from the wild. Known for its intelligence and therefore, the enclosure should be safe and secure to ensure that it does not escape. It is carnivorous and feeds on rats for twice in a week.


Chameleons should be bought from a breeder or a captive-bred pet shop. Nature of the Chameleons are very gentle, and it gets easily stressed and therefore needs constant care and attention. You should take proper care for its feeding, housing and also its health. Known to change its colors, long tongue and rolling eyes, it makes a wonderful pet. It also requires large space and feeds on live insects.


Russian tortoise is very appealing for its social nature and grows to just ten inches as an adult, though the female can be a bit larger than the male counterpart. Known by different names, such reptiles require a large enclosure as it loves to climb. It feeds on grass and weeds, and you can keep soil and sand in its house for its burrowing instincts. You can have Sulcata Tortoise or red eared sliders even which are almost of similar nature as well.

Therefore, you can be left spoilt for choice seeing such a humongous variety of pet reptiles.